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What's Your Opinions Of This .38 Special 1851 Navy Conversion?

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Deal didn't happen and picture pulled.................... It's in a local ad and is marked "Traditions". I usually stick with Uberti, but if it's made by Pietta I'm cool with that. Armi San Marco is a different story, but for $275 I will take a chance on it. Heat treating of internal parts have been inferior on the four ASM guns I've owned, yet they were beautiful guns. I don't know who made this for Traditions. Still waiting for that info from the seller. I said I'd take it pending inspection. Anyone here have any experience with Traditions products? It would be great if it was Uberti but I doubt it.
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Traditionally I always looked at it as the buyers responsibility to come to me if I am selling something, as I do for dellers when I am buying. I do not see anything wrong with the seller setting the place to meet. I've never had a gun store come to me when I wanted to purchase something :). I am sure that you were just the end of a bad day for him of dealing with crackpots hammering him on his pistol. Everyone here who has listed a firearm for sale can tell you all about it. Sounds like it wasn't the gun or deal for you and you will be just as well off without it.
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