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When did the 'Detective Special' begin?

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And...were there factory 'Police Positive' 2 Inch Barrel models in .38 Special?
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Thank you Judge Colt!

Very interesting.

Now I can have a better idea of what I am looking at if finding examples of this era.

Was the 'Detective Special' only offered in .38 Special? Or was it also offered in .38 NP, and or .32 or .22?

If I recall correctly? - the 'Banker's Special' was about the same thing as a 'Police Positive', or was in essense, a 'Police Positive', but not a 'Police Positive Special', and, was a 2 inch Barrel, and or also, available in .32 or .22...but, not offered in .38 Special.

Thus leading to the question, of, if the early or pre-Detective Specials were offered in .32 or .22 Calibre, did they do so with the same size Cylinder, as they would have had, if being in .38 Special?

While the 'Banker's Special' would have had the shorter Cylinder associated with the .38 NP Cartridge?
Your almost correct. The Detective Special (Police Positive Special) had the longer cylinder and was only offered in .38 Special. The Bankers Special (Police Positive) had the shorter cylinder and was offered in .38 NP and .22 caliber but not in .32.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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