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Where Can I Find Grips Like These?

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a 6" blued Diamondback chambered for 38 special. It came with black Pachmayr presentation grips, but I would really like to find some faux-ivory (or white polymer) grips with Colt medallions in them (probably gold).

I posted some pics below that I pulled from Google images as an example of what I'm looking for (sorry for the low resolution). I know 2 of them are Pythons, but they have the general appearance I am looking for. Would just need to find them for a D-Frame.

Any comment on comfort and shootability differences between the narrower and wider grips?

All input is welcome. If you have links to sites that have these available (or something similar), it would be much appreciated.



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Do a search for Collins Craft Grips. He should have what you want.
Think about the Gold medallions . Silver looks so much cleaner/better than gold . I have gold on a pair of SA Scout and wish I had silver . Silver and Ivory just go together .
Here's sources for faux ivory grips for the Diamondback. Some will be higher quality materials and workmanship then others.
Some will install Colt medallions:

Welcome to Vintage Gun Grips - Our Reproduction; Pistol Grips - Buttplates and Grip Caps.
Available with silver or gold medallions and in white plastic. You have to dig through the site to find the grips.

Hand Gun Grips, Gun Handles, Pistol Grip from Eagle Grips - Eagle Grips Inc. - Gun Grips
I think they'll do custom work.

Custom Wood Pistol Grips & Handgun Grips, including Smith & Wesson, Colt and Ruger Pistol Grips from Badger Custom Grips
I think he also does custom work.

Colt Grips - Custom Pistol Grips and Kits - CollinsCraftGrips
LOTS of Diamondback choices and materials. Ivory Corian is popular.

Tombstone Gun Grips
Read closely, some grips are for the old long frame, some for the newer short frame.
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Marc from KeystoneArms would be your best bet to try. He is very knowledgeable of Colt firearms & Colt products such as grips. They also carry a wide selection of Colt revolver grips & all sorts of makes and models on

Phone 724 - 651 - 4133
Wow.. I know I say it all the time, but you guys are the best! Thanks for the quick and varied responses. So many options! I'll be sure to do some research before I buy. Also Hawk Eye Tom, the more I compare the medallions side-by-side, I think you're totally right about the silver and ivory going well together. I'll be sure to post pics once I've made up my mind and have the grips put on.

Thanks again!

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