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I'm interested in who carries cross draw and what rig you use.

With the exception of work, I'm seated a lot and it would seem that this method of carry is logical.

Any real "dog" CD holsters?

This would be for a 2" .38 revolver.

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I always have. Either a cross draw holster or a horizontal shoulder holster.

I build my own holsters, but I like the Bianchi "Cyclone".
There are a few makers again making good cross draws, but you have to hunt for them.
My holsters are "reversed" designs, with the seam at the front, to provide it's own sight track.
The fold is at the rear, which gives a less irritating surface for you thigh when seated.

The back and front of the holster comes up in a "shark fin" like manner to cover the hammer, trigger, and sights.
This prevents irritating your skin, and wearing out your clothes.

There are some downsides to cross draw:
More accessible to a "gun snatch".
A little more obvious that you're going for a gun.
Less concealable, when worn properly.
You tend to swing past the target when drawing, unless you practice a lot.

The upsides are:
The only way to carry when seated.
Accessible to both hands.
You don't break a rib slamming the car door when sitting too close.
CAN BE lightening fast.

Jeff Cooper once wrote about a member of his California Combat League who was one of only a very few rated as a Master of the Pistol.

This guy was a narc detective who adopted a sort of "hippie" persona with long tailed, sloppy shirts.
He always had his hands clasped in front of him, in a sort of submissive, peacenik manner.

In fact, this also placed his arms to cover his 1911 in a cross draw holster, so if he got a "bump search" they wouldn't detect the gun.

Also, it placed his hands RIGHT THERE by the gun.
He could lift the shirt tail with one hand, grab the gun with the other, and lock both hands on the gun in a Weaver grip, FAST.

According to Cooper, this was one hippie you didn't want to hassle.
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