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Wide Trigger for a Python

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I am new to this forum and don't know if this has been discussed before. I am wondering if anyone knows of anyone making wide triggers for the Python.
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Don't know about making wide triggers, but something called "trigger shoes" are made that make the factory trigger MUCH wider. They are attached to the factory trigger and have 2 set screws that clamp onto the side of the factory trigger to hold it in place. Does that help?
Think very carefully before installing a trigger shoe on a Python. Those set screws leave a pair of dimple scars on the side of the trigger. These scars drastically reduce the desirability of a given piece and, doing so, reduce the value as well....probably by several hundred dollars!
I was hoping replace my factory trigger with a wide trigger and avoid marking it with the trigger shoe.
The only wide Colt triggers for the Python have been total custom jobs made by an expert pistolsmith/welder who can build up a trigger without ruining the heat treating.

You just have to contact some top custom pistolsmiths to see who would do it.
Cost would be significant.
Another problem with trigger shoes is that they are unsafe. They extend outside the trigger guard and have benn known to catch on holsters when inserting the revolver into a holster. There have been several cops from the 1960s and 70s who accidentally shot themselves in the legs or elsewhere. If you choose a trigger shoe don't use a holster. I found out about this problem in the 1980s when I attended a Security Firearms Instructors School.
Thanks to all for your input. It great to have such a knowledgeable resource about Pythons as you guys.
Call the Colt Custom Shop, phone # on Web Site.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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