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Woodsman info Please.......

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Woodsman .22 auto. 6" barrel, blued finish, brown plastic grips with a thumbrest on left side. Adjustable rear sight with one original magazine. No box or papers.
Serial # 480XX-S Finish is maybe 80% or less. No pitting, but this gun was used as a Rancher pickup piece and shows it. All parts are original, it works fine, but it has been used and used quite a lot.

What's its born on date and a ballpark sales figure?

FN in MT
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Your Woodsman was made in 1950, as for value maybe someone else has a better idea than me. When the finish of these old Colts get under 80% or less the value really drops off. Should be a great shooter though...
GREETINGS, Frank! Around here, any Colt anything's automatically $250+. The .22's vary a great deal from the plinkers to the serious bullseye pieces. For a Match Target in ugly but good-shooter-shape, I'd guestimate $450. But that's just a guess, mind you.
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