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Woodsman Match Target 1st Series Barrel

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On Ebay now, there is a short 4.5" barrel listed marked with "Match Target" and the "Bullseye" target. Very short with a see-through bottom under the barrel. Never seen this item before. Only seen the 6&5/8" barrels on 1st Series. Has front sight mounted. Is this a factory Colt barrel??? Asked seller for any other barrel markings - awaiting response. Only really interested in factory barrels and not in some homemade cut-down barrel with moved front sight. What say ye Woodsman gurus???
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Seller answered question. Barrel is cut down 6&5/8" original with re-installed front sight covering Colt stamping. Appears a quality job but not factory as I suspected. Thanks for looking.
The seller stated that the front sight was on top of the lettering.

Were it original, the lettering would've fit between the front sight base and the receiver neatly.
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