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I just received a Colt Woodsman pistol from the estate of a relative of a relative (father-in-law by marriage of a 2nd Cousin to be exact). The gun is in pretty good condition, but does have a few flaws.

The gun is what the Blue Book calls a "2nd Model Match Target". The serial number 439xx-S puts it into 1949 or 1950 production. Mechanically it seems to be in great shape. There are a couple of blemishes in the bluing on the left side of the heavy barrel and on the right side of the frame there is some recent surface rust (not pitted--see right side detail photo). One of the two magazines is devoid of finish and is covered all over with medium pitting. The other matches the gun's condition pretty well, so I assume it is the original one. The stocks appear to be correct "Coltwood" target stocks. No box or papers on this one.

Now, the value question. This is not an inherited piece. Rather, I am buying it from the estate. I have been given the pistol to judge its condition and set a value that is fair to both parties. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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