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This time and no matter what, this Colt I WILL NOT be selling. When I first joined the forum, I was just looking for information on a revolver that was given to me. After finding out more about it and not having any attachment, it sold quickly.


This pistol was purchased new by my dad many years ago and how long, I have no idea. Now my dad was considered by ANYONE who knew him, an excellent shot with any firearm or bow. I've been told by my mother and many of his hunting buddies, now long gone, that he shot a semi load of pheasant FROM THE AIR with this pistol. Enough bragging about the old man........ :) When dad passed and I registered this pistol, THAT'S when I found out that Colt used the same serial numbers on different models. I got one heck of a scare when the sheriff told me that it had been reported stolen. Then he checked and it wasn't a pistol but a revolver. Now talk about a scare....... Anyway everything was ok and I've had it since his passing.

Dad always kept all the firearms he owned and I now have them. With no children, I do have one nephew who will one day get the firearms, including this pistol. Anyway, thought I'd share a couple pictures of it.

Serial number: 1240X

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