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Dear Collectors and Gun Enthusiast:
I would like to have your recommendation on these two (2) 1911, asking price on each is about 2K, I cannot buy both, so I’ll have to decide for the one with the most collectable value and make a fair offer.
Visiting several internet sites, I have seen similar 1911s, some with lower prices or the opposite, maybe in better condition with no pitting. I understand that CONDITION and RARITY are important and are related to price. I have not been able to identify a similar Arsenal Rebuilt NM like the one mkd-2 to compare prices, but I do not think it is uncommon.
Your opinion and advice on value and desirability on each gun will be much appreciated.

Pistol #1-
Colt Model of 1911 U.S. Army .45 ACP
Colt Manufacture, Frame and Slide, Serial No. 4405xx, date of manufacture, late 1918 ( Colt "Black Army" finish.
a-Pitting on right side of slide and slide catch, some dents on left side of slide.
b-Correct Slide Catch, Magazine Catch, Hammer, Trigger and Grips.
c-Magazine NOT Matching, NO TWO TONE.
d-Has Original GI Holster.

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Pistol #2- Arsenal Rebuilt: UNITED STATES PROPERTY/ M1911 A1 US ARMY, .45 ACP
a) Frame Remington Rand, serial No.15215xx, manufactured 1944 (
b) Springfield Arsenal, SA markings on frame. “T” mark over Magazine Catch at right side.
c) Colt Government type Slide, markings almost gone during Rebuilt (I suppose), only a faint Colt name imprint can be noticed on both sides.
d) Correct front and rear sights, adjustable rear sight Kensight/BoMar type, marked “US” on left side.
e) Barrel Hood imprinted with same serial number as Frame. Deep blue color on barrel, No slide marks over hood. Pistol looks as never been fired. Correct NM Bushing markings.
f) Parkerized Finish is excellent 98%,only two minor scratches on right side of Frame.
g) Long Aluminum Trigger (No signs of scratching against frame due to use or side play), Trigger pull weight is firm maybe over 6lbs.
h) Original Wood Grips, and grip screws. Excellent condition.
i) Matching Magazine, Parkerized (only one) hand engraved (Carbide Tip Electric Engraver) the last three serial numbers on left side.
j) Original Cardboard Box, Wax Paper and “1967 National Match Pistol Booklet, Camp Perry, Ohio”.
k) Pistol is not lubricated. No Rust on any surface or part.

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You posted in the wrong forum. This is for Colt SAA's. Should be in the "Colt Semi Auto Pistols" Forum
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