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Python has been found and deal has been struck with Marc @ Keystone.

Trying this again, I made a few mistakes the first time. I am looking to buy my first Colt Python. The following will help to explain what I am searching for. I will CC the firearm about 25% of the time. I would like a 4" gun in 95% or better condition with a solid lock up and smooth action. I prefer stainless for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance as our summers can be surprisingly humid. I would also be interested in other stainless besides brushed/satin as long as it is not "bright". Box, papers and original grips are preferred but not a deal breaker if absent.

I would much prefer to deal with a dealer or seller who is a forum member and values integrity and their reputation to the same extent I do. Gun broker seems to be a "wretched hive of scum and villainy", aside from the familiar Colt forum names/dealers I see. It really seems to be a roll of the dice if you deal with somebody else on there.

I plan on paying cash, and am not interested trying to swing a complicated trade or any prolonged haggling. My birthday was May 14th and I don't know how much longer I can keep my wife happy enough to let me get a Python. I just want to get one before I wind up in the doghouse again! Please help me Colt forum, you are my only hope!

Thanks for reading!
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