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hi all

just found this forum and have a question. I have a vest pocket 25 acp colt that dates to 1936, it is looks great in some places and pitted in other places, looks like it was mint and had the top of the slide in allowed to rust and pit...anyway, do the vest pocket made in the 30's hold more value due to the lower amount manufactured each year?


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I am not sure I understand your question, but I shall take a stab at what I think you are asking.

On the value issue, generally, the older, the more valuable. On a common, high production gun like the Vest Pocket, condition is the most important factor, but the earlier guns are always worth more, all else equal.

On any particular configuration (for instance, the late, last version with wood stocks and magazine safety), I do not think the year of production has any bearing on value, except for perhaps VERY late pistols. The exception to that would be actual Wartime production.
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