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Excellent condition 70 Series Colt Gunsite Lightweight Commander. I bought this new from Gunsite last year. It's seen less than 100 rounds of ball and 230 gr. HST and worked flawlessly. Short trigger (included) has been swapped for a smooth face long trigger. Kimber Ambi Safety also added (single sided original included). Thin grips and bushings swapped out for standard & Gunsite logo'd smooth grips (originals grips not included). Front N/S with orange removable nail polish around dot. Now for the bad. I originally had Talon tape on the front strap. When I removed it to sell, it pulled-up some of the finish (white dots on front strap). I would assume Colt would refinish the frame for you, as this can't be normal? No other signs of flaking in frame finish. Comes with original paperwork, box, & 2 flush fit Colt 8 round mags. Gunsite list these for $1800 but are out of stock. Not sure what to list this for but I'll start at:
$1365 Shipped to your FFL.

Specs from Gunsite:

  • Series 70, 4.25” in carbon 45 ACP
  • Extended Wilson thumb safety left side only.
  • Upswept grip safety.
  • Flat metal mainspring housing with serrations.
  • Dehorned
  • One eight round magazine.
  • Gunsite Raven on right rear of slide.
  • “Gunsite Service Pistol” rolled on right side of slide.
  • Thin grips without medallion
  • Total bead blast finish.
  • Beveled magazine well.
  • Gold Cup style serrations on front strap
  • Wolf heavy firing pin spring and 18-lb. recoil spring kit.
  • Novak sights. Front sight with tritium insert.
  • Commander style hammer.
  • Short aluminum trigger with serration’s and adjustment screw.
  • 4-4.25 lb. Trigger break
  • National Match hammer and sear..
  • Safety manual

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