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WTS :\"Jay Pee\" spring holster for 2\" Det. Spec.

Have a nearly new.RIGHT hand,black leather holster for a 2" Det Special..Only a couple of marks from cylinder when gun was put in or out.Holster has wide belt loop and closed bottom.

Jay Pee used the same pattern as the older Audley and Folsom holsters. Spring clip,that retains the gun inide the trigger guard,until pressed when drawing gun. These holsters will only fit ONE specific model,and that adds to their tightness. I have Folsom that fits a 4" Official Police(or a Marshall) "to a tee",but will NOT accept my 4" .357 Model.because of the ramped front sight and adjustable rear!

DO NOT HAVE A DIGITAL CAMERA,so have to trust description. Price is $37.00,which includes mailing.

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