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Cummings Custom Refinishing offers quality firearms refinishing. I use quality Teflon and Moly products that offer extreme corrosion resistance and protection to your firearm. I have been in the firearms refinishing business for over twenty years and will be happy to supply references.

Handguns One Color-------------------------$129.00
Handguns Two Color-------------------------$139.00

Slides only---------------------------------$59.00
Glock Slides only---------------------------$45.00
Keltec p32 and 380 Slides-------------------$20.00

Frames gutted-------------------------------$69.00
Frames with internals-----------------------$85.00

Rifles One Color Bolt action---------------$129.00
Military Rifles start at ------------------$149.00
Shotguns start at ------------------------ $129.00

Prices include complete disassembly and reassembly of the firearm
Rust and pitt removal starts at $25.00 One mag is include with the gun Extra handgun mags are $8.00 when shipped with gun for refinishing

I am a FFL so you can ship direct. Custom Colors are no extra charge. Camo is an extra 25% charge.
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