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I am selling two colts I accept payment via money order or Paypal (+4% for paypal fee)

first on is a Series 70 goverment model in .45 ACP. It is blued in approx 96-98% Only wear is a very slight wear on the muzzle end of the slideand some one painted front sight. The serial # is 51***B70 SOLD PENDING FUNDS shipping to the FFL of your choice. I do not have the box or paperwork but gun is In excellent shape and has not been fired that much also includes a factory colt 8 rd mag.

Second gun is a Colt .380 Stainless Mustang PocketLight that is in 99% in the box (blue clamshell) with paperwork comes with two Factory Colt mags I am asking $500 for this one plus $25 shipping to the FFL of your choice.

If you have questions email me at [email][email protected][/email]

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