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I no longer have a need for these Items.

100.... .38-55 Starline Brass, 2.125" New, Winchester large Rifle Primed ready to load, In New MTM Case Guard 100 round Green Box.
$80.00 Plus shipping UPS, "ORM-D Small Arms Ammunition".

10... .38-55 Starline Brass, once fired, trimmed, Primed.
$2.50 Plus Shipping, UPS, "ORM-D Small Arms Ammunition".

131... Montana Bullets, .379 Diameter, 264 gr. FNGC.
$40.00 Plus shipping USPS, Flate Rate.

40... Fresh Loaded loaded .38-55, with WLF Primers, Montana 264 Gr. FNGC Bullets, 35.2 Grs. of H335 Powder. Very Accurate round in Marlin 336CB .38-55, in New MTM 50 round Blue Box.
$40.00 Plus Shipping, UPS, "ORM-D Small Arms Ammunition".

6... Once fired Winchester Legendary Frontiersman Nickel .38-55 Primed Cases, ready to load, in New MTM Clear and Black Case Guard Box.
$7.00 Plus Shipping, UPS, "ORM-D Small Arms Ammunition".

1 set......Redding Dies .38-55 Ballard (3 die set) like new, ( Midway gets $75.00 plus shipping when they have it in stock).

1...........Wilson full length Gauge .38-55.


...So you can still buy the package price of $260.00 Shipped which is less than individual prices without shipping; Price delivered to your home, in the Continental US, (Void where prohibited) USPS Money Order, Bank Certified Funds.

I'll even take the already made bullets apart if that makes you happy and add the bullets and/or cases to the pot and adjust the prices accordingly.:D

No I didn't take pictures but I'm anal about my equipment and the care of it...(Just look at my Web Page..LOL)

PM me with questions....
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