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Colt Model SP1 AR-15 with 16” barrel, bayonet lug and flash hider (90 to 95% on finish), S/N SP227XX;
Full stock with proper buffer;
Collapsible stock with proper buffer;
Colt 3x20 scope (great optics, but finish is app. 80%);
2 Colt magazines and 5 Okay brand magazines;
Cheap nylon magazine pouch and sling. $1100.00 shipped

H&K P7M8, serial number 16-1211xx
Box numbered to gun (severe damage to one corner of box from heat, but still usable)
Instruction manual
3-dot sights
3 factory magazines
Galco, tan shoulder holster
Galco, tan small of back holster
Black, leather belt holster $950 shipped

03. ****SPF****
S&W pre model 15, serial # K950xx
.38 Special K Frame, 5 screw
Estimated to be in 85% condition or better, with turn ring and medium blue wear at muzzle and on cylinder
Barrel 4 inches
Blue finish
Factory Walnut grips – rough condition
Adjustable sights
No box or docs $200.00 shipped

S&W model 13-3, serial # AWZ735xx
.357 Magnum K Frame
I would estimate it to be in 96% condition or better, with slight turn ring and small blue wear at muzzle
Barrel 3 inches
Blue finish
NOT pinned and recessed
Factory wood grips, with finger groove rubber grips
Fixed sights
No box or docs $330.00 shipped

Remington model 742 Woodsmaster, serial # A69202xx
30.06 Springfield semi automatic, detachable magazine fed
Blue finish
Factory box
Factory wood stocks
Adjustable sights
Bushnell Sportview 4x-12x, 40 scope with see through rings $310.00 shipped

Partial trades considered for:
(All should be 4" or less where applicable)
S&W 547 S&W 520
S&W 940 S&W 624
S&W 18 Springfield 9mm Target, 5 inch, adj sights
S&W 34 STI Trojan 9mm, 5 inch, adj sights
S&W 58 Other trades considered but mainly looking for those above
(Email an offer; the worst I can do is say “No, Thank you!”)
Boxes and documentation a plus.

Local pick up takes $10.00 off price.

Email me at [email protected] for quickest response to questions, requests. First email to me saying ¬ìI¬íll take it¬î gets it.

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