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Hello all,
I've sold a couple of autoloaders and now have this Milt Sparks VM-2 w/ single mag. holder for Beretta 92FS and Lou Alessi's new PCH w/ single mag. holder to fit commander size 1911. Both are black, excellect condition made for 1-1/2" belt. I'd like to trade for a holster & speedloader pouch for a M66 K-frame S&W revolver (4" barrel) or Colt Python (6" barrel)
I'm not sure what I'm after for the .357, something that didn't work for you may be just right for me!
So-if you have anything (preferably leather) made to fit the 4" K-frame revolver or 6" Python in the holster box you'd like to trade, let me know!
Thanks in advance,
*** Update-Alessi PCH set sold. ***

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