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Both Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson were known for picking up old revolvers, and selling them to admirers - along with the tale - whenever money was needed.

Frank James had a barrel full of old revolvers in his mother's outbuilding - she sold them as the opportunity presented itself, and did so up until her death.

These old boys weren't the only ones who did so, in a time when there was no way to disprove anything.

That's why 'provenance' became so important.
If you had one of these types of guns, I bet it would still bring a pretty penny...IF you could prove it actually went through the famous person's hands. Although some provenance can be pretty airtight, I think it would be pretty hard to prove something like this, if not impossible.

For many gun shows, Bobby McNellis - the now-deceased owner of El Paso Saddlery - used to carry a Colt's 'Lightning' with a tag reading 'This Is The Only Colt's Lightning Not Owned By Billy the Kid'.
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