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I bought my SAA 2nd generation 45 Colt while i was in the service stationed in Germany on June 15 1967
If anyone knows the date this was manufactured i would be thankful for the information.
The stats on the SAA are as follows:
.45 colt
7.5" barrel
Serial number on the frame under the barrel is 43973SA
The number stamped on the loading gate is 810
Under the grips on the left side of the frontstrap the number is 43973SA
Under the grips on the left side of the backstrap the number is 43973SA
Also on the underside of each grip in hand etching is the number 973
The grips also had the same serial number stamped (43973SA) on the edge of each grip that was partially worn away from the buffing operation when the grips were hand fitted to the frame.
The patent numbers on the left side of the frame read as follows jul 2,72 jan 19,75
I hope this helps if anyone might be able to help me on this manufacture date.
Thanks in advance
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