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<font color="blue">Hello guys! I am new to the forum, but not new to Colt Collecting. My Dad got me started many years ago with a Commercial Govt Model. Now I have a small Colt collection. Maybe not so much a collection as an accumulation! Nothing very rare, but a few very nice.
I always liked the SAAs, but my checkbook didn't. And I realized I had quite a few catalogs....
So I started collecing catalogs. To my surprise, catalog collecting is an accepted, even respected endeavor! Most of my collection is post-war variations. It's challenging and a fun hunt. So a special hello to my fellow catalog collectors here! I look forward to learning from you.
I'm a Colt Collectors Assn Member and a Benefactor NRA Member and Golden Eagle. For entertainment, sometimes I frequent the GB forum as tomh.
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