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Fun reading. My friend and I took his 16 inch Rock River AR to 715 yards once. It had a 1X Trijicon Reflex II with the triangle reticle, and we were shooting at an 18 inch wide steel plate. Ammo was surplus Radway Green 62gr. with the penetrator (SS109.) Shooting was from sitting unsupported. Very light wind from the right. It took several shots to find where it was hitting, but figured it out pretty quickly with the help of the 10X scope on my Tikka .308. We were just plinking, so didn't count hits vs. misses. We had very few misses. The sight was zeroed with the tip of the triangle on at 100 yards, and at 715, the very bottom of the triangle was on for elevation. We were surprized at how flat shooting .223 was at that range.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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