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Hi everyone,
I've just inherited a 1903 Pocket Hammer (38 Rimless)
Can you help me on what bullet it shoots.
I've looked them up on GI.
They advertise as 38 AUTO
Or 38 ACP.
I mistook it as 380 AUTO.
Well I know now, that's not correct!
Is this round, like the size of a 38 special?
I don't mean to shoot 38 specials in it.
Just the size of it.
Bullet diameter? Or BORE DIA.
PS the gun Is apart right now.
So pics will come later.
Thanks for your help!
Pics of the pistol added
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Anytime I'm at a gun show where there are ammo collectors or others who have ammo for sale, I check to see if they have any .38 ACP. Never have run across any at a gun show, but did acquire a single box elsewhere a few years ago. I load .38 Super, Super Comp, etc., have plenty of components, etc., so it was no problem to tailor light .38 ACP loads for the old Pocket Hammer.

I thought about shooting some of the factory .38 ACP in the old gun, but the box doesn't mention that the ammo is non-corrosive. The Peters "38 Colt Automatic" ammo I have looks about as old as the gun. I suspect the old ammo probably is corrosive, and don't think I'll shoot it.
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